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2021 Updates Coming Soon! 

We will be announcing upcoming virtual programs, new sponsors and opportunities for 2021!  We plan to host the Twin Cities Young Professionals Summit this fall.  Stay tuned for updates. 


Check out the current 2021 event opportunities below!

   If you have any immediate questions, please call 952-944-2830.


2021 Theme:

Your Opportunities

Your Future

Engage with numerous speakers throughout the event that will empower you to take hold of your future and succeed on your journey through your work AND home life.

Hear testimonies from top professionals on the marketplace change that they have had to overcome in their experience and how they learned to grow and adapt within society.

During the TCYP Webinar Series you will have the opportunity to refine your talents, uncover your strengths and develop a better you.


2021 Speakers

March 19

Stephen Crawford

Coach, Speaker, Trainer 

With Experience Leadership Coaching & Training, Dr. Stephen Crawford excels at business through leadership excellence; understanding that leadership is a process of making sound decisions, cultivating people, and nurturing their environment. He understands the need for business owners to create a vision and build a culture that inspires and engages others to get results. 


Stephen knows the power of engagement, which is why he keeps his presentations engaging and thought-provoking. He crafts them with your goal in mind, while being educational, motivational, and entertaining.

April 21

Heather Whelpley

Speaker, Coach, Author 

Heather Whelpley is a speaker, coach, and author of the book An Overachiever's Guide To Breaking The Rules: How To Let Go Of Perfect and Live Your Truth. Prior to owning her business, Heather worked in a wide variety of leadership development, human resources, and change management roles at Cargill and Ameriprise for ten years. Read Heather's blog and get details about her book and speaking on her website,

Webinar Topics

March 19: 12:00 - 1:00 PM

5 Practices of Effective Leadership

Join the TCYP Summit as we kick off the 2021 Webinar Series. Are you looking to become a more effective leader? Perhaps wanting to move into a managerial position? This is the webinar for you!

Dr. Stephen Crawford of Experience Leadership Coaching & Training will walk through what makes an effective leader and where some leaders fall short. This is a fantastic way to continue to develop your leadership skills in this time of social distancing!

April 21: 12:00 - 1:00 PM

Imposter Syndrome


Do you ever hear a little voice in your head saying, “I’m not ready. It’s already been done. I just got lucky. Do I know enough to be here?” If any of these sound familiar, then you have been impacted by imposter syndrome. These fraudy thoughts influence how you show up in your career, from pursuing a new client or leadership role to speaking up in meetings and sharing new ideas.


The good news is you can do something about it! In this interactive webinar we will discuss how imposter syndrome impacts you, the structural and cultural reasons you experience it, and practical tools you can use immediately to manage imposter syndrome so it doesn’t hold you back in your career, including how to:

  • Quiet your inner critic

  • Recover fast when doubt and imposter syndrome strike

  • Act even when you don’t feel confident

June 24: 1:00 - 2:00 PM

Diversity & Inclusion Workshop: Another Seat at the Table


Now, more than ever, companies, organizations, teams, and businesses of all sizes are seeking solutions. The one area for which every company needs a solution, regardless of industry or size, is in the area of Diversity & Inclusion.


Why is this? Well, aside from the obvious moral reasons, it is becoming more and more strikingly clear that there is a direct link between having a diverse and inclusive workforce/environment and having a growing, robust organization.


The Another Seat at the Table workshop will help EACH PERSON identify...

  • Their own role

  • What motivates them

  • What their self-talk is (and how that may positively or negatively affect their contribution)

  • What change-driven actions they can take right away to make a difference


The Twin Cities Young Professionals Summit is brought to you by the Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce.


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The TCYP Summit is made possible by the generous contributions of several organizations. Thank you, sponsors, for your support!



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Thanks to the ongoing support from our sponsors, the Twin Cities Young Professionals Summit is now offering virtual events!  A special thank you to our Premier Sponsor, Young Professionals of Minneapolis, and our Gold Sponsor, Hamline University!

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